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*La película que tardó 12 años en filmarse
*Richard Linklater, director de la película, estableció que en el caso de que falleciera durante el proceso de rodaje (que se extendió por más de 10 años), Ethan Hawke –uno de los integrantes del reparto y amigo personal- se hiciera cargo de la dirección.

The Words Lincoln Lived By

52 Timeless Principles to Light Your Path.By Gene Griessman

The Words Lincoln Lived By is a stirring, inspirational treasury of quotations from our greatest and most admired president. Composed of Lincoln’s profound observations—one for every week of the year, each followed by a short commentary that provides historical context—the book offers rich material for interpretation, reflection, and spiritual guidance. In these pages, Lincoln, famed as an orator, shares his wisdom on courage and determination, compassion and compromise, tolerance and tact—the essential traits that define character. The timeless impact of his words is as powerful as the achievements that have helped to make him an American hero.

UnSelfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in Our All-About-Me World.

/Most writers admit that there is a moment where a book started to gel. Mine was at the USAFA where a 19 year old cadet asked me the question of a lifetime and changed my thinking. The question? what habits to Nobel Peace prize winners use to keep their empathy open? He wanted to learn those habits to help the troops he would lead one day. (Let’s clone that kid!) So I read hundreds of articles and memoirs. Five years later ( found the answer: 9 habits that became the blueprint for raising empathetic kids in UnSelfie. Here they are-all teachable and every child deserves to learn them.